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Marco Lutheran Church 

Christian Theatre Program

Sola Gratia Theatre Troupe

By the MLC Board of Christian Education & Youth  

We are:
The Christian Theatre Troupe of Marco Lutheran Church.  
The year 2017 was the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!
In celebration of the commemoration of 500 years of the Reformation the Luther & Shakespeare program was born.  Our first production with the Luther & Shakespeare Program was Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.  This production provided youth a much needed venue to discuss the impact of the Reformation on the Christian Church but more importantly what "sola gratia" means for us as Christians.  We are saved by faith and grace alone.  We are enough!  We are enough for God, we are not and cannot be perfect, we are human.  We all share in the same Human Condition and should treat one another the way we want to be treated.  Most importantly of all is the knowledge that we are saved through faith by grace, not by our works - we are enough and God loves us more than we can ever imagine!!  
We could not be more appreciative for the loving Support of the Marco Island & Naples Shakespeare Festivals GLOBAL team who volunteer countless hours and resources to help this program make the greatest impact on our local and global community! 


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