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Special Global Festival Programming, as we have emerged from the devastating effects of Covid-19, coming to Southwest Florida December 2026.

More information coming soon...We invite you to mark your calendars for December 2026.  It WILL be here before you can say "wonder-ful!" 


Sponsorship Opportunities coming soon!


Seating will be limited for the number of tickets anticipated and sure to sell out quickly.  We are so excited to welcome you back and to be with you as we celebrate the next indelibly exciting phase of our vision for Global Ensemble Will!  Much Love Always and can't wait to see you for Dinner. ;) 

here's a list of what to expect this 
20 year+ anniversary season

To commemorate these beautiful decades of service to our local and global community we have chosen to perform The Merchant of Venice: one of the most powerful analyses of the human condition, originally written in the English language and today performed around the globe. Directed by: our very own 

CEO & Founding Artistic & Executive Director Dr. Jacquielynn Wolff


We are excited and thankful for all the wonderful reviews and comments of our 10-Year Anniversary Performance of The Merchant of Venice in Partnership with the Luther & Shakespeare Program at Marco Lutheran Church!

The response to our performances have been so great we will be sharing our craft online; allowing a greater audience to experience with us these deeply moving accounts of the human condition.

Come laugh with us, be impacted by us, cry with us, rejoice with us!


By: William Shakespeare

Directed by: Dr. Jacquielynn Wolff

Memory Lane

these productions have had their stage, but we're pretty proud of them, so we're sharing our recent memories with you.

playwright's Playhouse Production © 

Set in the summer of 1955, Ace, a city bartender, is invited to what seems like a normal weekly poker game. Massive bets are thrown around like pennies and dimes. When two players go all-in, Ace realizes the true nature of the game: when you go all in, there's no going back. When you go all in, you bet your life.

A world premiere, original work written and directed by Josiah M. Hurtley.

playwright's workshop


The first of its kind on Marco Island, MISF leads an eight-week workshop where young playwrights write, develop and stage a short play. The workshop is a preview MISF's original works extension, the Playwrights' Playhouse, and will conclude with a showcase of the works.

gift of the magi


Set in London during the first half of the 20th century, this retelling of O. Henry's Christmas classic weaves through the lives of a working class couple, as an old man remembers the best and worst days he survived with the love of his life. Grappling with the reconciliations of youth an age, life and death, love and fear, and old, cynical man and his young, compassionate nurse come to inspire in each other the Christmas spirit and the courage of love.

A world premiere, original work written and directed by Kaitlynn McRae.

the tempest


Prospero, a man royal in birth, revered for his magic and renowned for his foibles, is washed onto a nameless island with his young daughter after they were banished from their homeland of Naples. Caliban, the wretched son of a wicked witch, chained to the curse Prospero placed on him, attempts to wreak havoc upon the the royal refugees in the name of his burden. When the promise of Prospero's absolution and salvation sets sail towards their island, he must use his special power of wielding spirits to tame the primal forces that have driven him to his exile so he can earn his way back home at long last. 


By: William Shakespeare

Directed by: Kaitlynn McRae.

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