Board of Directors

Dr. J. Wolff 

Chief Executive Officer

Founding Artistic & Executive Director

(Based in Marco Island & Naples, Florida, USA)


Kaitlynn McRae, M.A. 

Director of Operations

(Based in London, UK)

Andreas Sturm, Ph.D. Candidate*

Chair, International Advisory Board

(Based in Neulußheim, Germany) 


Michael Nichols, M.F.A. 

Managing Director

Director of Art Mastery

(Based in Miami, Florida, USA) 


Joseph Lang, M.D.

(Based in Marco Island, Florida, USA)


Lisa Lang, R.N.

(Based in Marco Island, Florida, USA)


Sebastian Franik, M.D.*

(Based in Germany & Netherlands) 


Lena Franik*

(Based in Germany & Netherlands) 


Jacques Massard, Esq.

(Based in Naples, Florida, USA) 

Ross Renjilian, Architect of Record

(Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA)


Dawn Sheldon 


(Based in Marco Island, Florida, USA)


Gayle Thawley 


(Based in Marco Island, Florida, USA)

International Advisory Board

Chair, Andreas Sturm, Ph.D. Candidate* - Based in Neulußheim, Germany

Katherine Dheal, M.L.S. - USA


Sebastian Franik, M.D.* - Germany, Netherlands


Lena Franik* - Germany, Netherlands


Edward Prophet - UK, UAE


Derek Zhao, China

*Denotes Board of Directors Member & International Advisory Board

Graphic & Web Design 

Wole Ajagbe

(Based in Washington, D.C., USA)


Zachary Pachol 

Head Stage Manager​

Erik Olson 

Project Manager