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Our Mission​

"The purpose of theatre is to pierce the human sub-conscious and act as a looking-glass to the audience (society)."  - Constantin Stanislavski

To be an actor who makes an impact on an audience takes a lot from a human being.  It takes depths of energy, of self-reflection, observation, awareness, sensitivity to yourself and most importantly to others.  It can be immensely rewarding, exhausting and inspiring simultaneously.  It forces the actor to attempt to understand situations: why they occur, what is their catalysis, if perceived as good - how to celebrate, if perceived as bad - how to understand, take inventory, help others and attempt to leave a positive impact. 

We seek to: share, to understand, to reach out, to positively impact and enhance our community.  

We are a Global Professional Ensemble and proud to serve as the Theatre Wing of the Marco Island Academy, in Marco Island, Florida since 2012. 

Our mission is to better understand ourselves as human beings.  We work towards sharing our discoveries and appreciation of the human condition with our audiences.  We hope that while emerged in our performances each audience member experiences a journey through very human situations and their consequences.  We hope our audiences leave with a renewed sense to treat one another with the love and respect each human being deserves to experience from our neighbors and communities.  


Thank you for sharing these deeply moving and inspiring adventures with us.  We have such respect for our audiences and such appreciation for the Admiration, Wonder, and Awe we experience Together in the making of art through performance.  


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