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Scholarship for our Sweet Twenty

Celebrating over 20 Years
of Global Actor Training & Performance  

The Marco Island & Naples Shakespeare Festivals GLOBAL mission and purpose is at its core to use theatre and the performing arts, (especially through the extraordinary observation of the human condition and universal truths of being human, provided so eloquently, with piercing poignant power - through Will's words) as conduits for international diplomacy.  

A literal exchange of the arts across cultures, a way of erasing borders.  

We are based on the beautiful "Paradise Coast" of Florida in Marco Island & Naples with global reach through collaboration and shared resources with our dear friends and partners around the Globe, our Global Ensemble Family.

We believe in Performing arts as integral diplomacy

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At the Marco Island & Naples Shakespeare Festivals GLOBAL we encourage and support the scholarship of our Ensemble Family: to better understand the human condition we all share, contributing to a collective thought discovery, observation and intensive study of the vast authorship that came before.  We aim to forge new paths for thinkers and scholars in the present offering thought provoking and timely scholarship, in the hope, through our discoveries, we will continually pierce new perspectives of enlightenment to share with fellow scholars, students, practitioners, and all people as we ultimately aim to positively impact and enhance our local and global communities.

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We stand in solidarity with our performing arts family and all people of Ukraine!  


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Join our Campaign to build Shakesperae's Globe in Florida

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Leave your legacy on the Paradise Coast of Southwest Florida, as we build a true replica of Shakespeare's Globe in Florida's endless summer...when the winter comes find the sun awaiting.  A year-round playhouse and education estate providing professional training to students in Collier County and around the globe.

For interest in joining our

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All donations support the missions of the Marco Island & Naples Shakespeare Festivals GLOBAL.  No support of treasure or time is too small.  Every moment and penny is deeply appreciated and has ripple effects that will last generations.

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